ProTechThem Building Awareness for Safer and Technology-Savvy Sharenting

Latest Publications!

  • Ugwudike, P., Roth, S., Lavorgna, A., Middleton, S. E., Djohari, N., Tartari, M., & Mandal, A. (Accepted/In press). Sharenting and social media properties: Exploring vicarious data harms and socio-technical mitigations.¬†Big Data & Society.¬†

  • Tartari, M., Lavorgna, A., & Ugwudike, P. (2023) Share with care: negotiating children‚Äôs health and safety in sharenting practices.¬†Media Culture and Society.¬†45(7), 1453-1470.¬†

  • Lavorgna, A., Tartari, M., & Ugwudike, P. (2022).¬†Criminogenic and harm-enabling features of social media platforms: The case of sharenting practices.¬†European Journal of Criminology.¬†

  • Lavorgna, A., Ugwudike, P., & Tartari, M. (2023). Online sharenting: Identifying existing vulnerabilities and demystifying media reported crime risks.¬†Crime, Media, Culture.¬†


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